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Screened Surveilance: Trope study on the Robie House

I derived a housing scheme after observing the Tropes of the Robie House: the use of overhangs and windows to screen the private from public, seeing without being seen. In combination with a hearth-central organization, a 3-tower apartment complex was designed for artist residents in Troy, NY.
The Machine Starts: the Steward and the Architect

“The Machine Starts” was a new media performance, involving parkour, a-Capella, and spoken word artists. With the help of two visiting artists, we the students ran 6 performances at RPI’s EMPAC. My role was both as the Designer of “The Machine” and performing as the Steward of the Machine. The 4-part photo series within is a parkourable structure of my design which unfolds between acts, utilizing a fascination of mine: tensegrity. I constructed it while memorizing poetic lines about it.
Setup Time: 2-4 min \\ Strike Time: 1-3 min
Penn Station Reef

Originating from a series of processing scripts, this renovation of Penn Station introduces an architectural experience unique to the affects of ice formation, and the phasing of materials through it. The rules of this formation and phasing are evident in the reefs and boundary paths left as a history of their process.
Expanding the Hyde

Utilizing case studies of various museums and a half-semester Affect analysis of an
artifact chosen from the collection, a scheme was designed to expand the Hyde Museum campus. The presentation of these schemes took place at the Hyde, in a large scale installation fabricated by students. The installation was produced and assembled in a matter of 9 days. My role in its production was running the mill to cut each individually folded sheet of HDPE, managing the production of 3D prints and sites to be displayed, and producing my own boards to be displayed as a selected exhibitor.
Parasitic Coalescense

A government center, the crater of a parasitic body on a foreign planet. Coalescing after [Impact, Shockwave, Settling Excavation], our arrival to the Red Planet provoked the analysis of and formal arguments of the Impact Crater, as observed from recent photos taken from the Curiosity mission.
Obsession with Joinery

An obsession of mine began first semester at RPI with professor Ezio Blasetti, applying computational systems to complex joinery in aggregation. My first studies in architecture paralleled this work, in relation to the Mies quote “God is in the Detail”. I strongly believe in the Gesamtkunstwerk, and in the importance of detail in my work.
Sunken Strata: the Design Development of Arabsat Headquarters

This porject took on the development of the Arabsat Headquarters (original design by Heneghan PengArchitects). Our aim was to expose the potential of the interior by creating an open plan and dynamic facade. Our goals were directed greatly by the research of contemporary office culture and productivity.
Manta Scales

My first foray into casting, my initiation with clay as a material and plaster as a mould. Messes were made, earth was fired, and tectonics were invented.
Photography, Photoshop, Shop, and other Architectural Dreams

My mission at RPI is to earn a Polytechnic education, utilizing my interests outside of architecture to inform my designs. I have a strong belief that design study requires exterior stimulus in order to be successful; I thus pursue the full breadth of the subjects I feel passionate about, specifically seeking their intersection with architecture. As important as learning the skills of computation and drawing are, I feel I have learned most from the projects which move outside the studio because they yield greater and more interesting constraints.